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VIPKid Easy and Cheap Halloween Background

Hello ESL Teachers, It is Halloween season and I love it. Everything gets all spooky and fun. I love telling my students about Halloween. They will show me their cute costumes and some even hide and pop out to scare me when I open my camera. I love decorating my background. I usually look for […]

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DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner

My mat gets dirty all the time. As it should because I use it regularly. It catches the dirt from my feet, sweat from my body, and of course cat and dog hair. I get down and dirty on my mat all the time. That is why I wanted to make my own cleaner. One […]

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How to Make an Eye Pillow

Eye pillows are perfect for relaxing and/or Shavasana. Shavasana is that part of yoga everyone loves at the end of class. You lay down on your mat and end your practice with a mix of relaxation and a meditation. Materials Fabric of your choice 9 in./8 in. (I used cotton fabric from Walmart I found […]

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