Easy VIPKid Christmas Background

Hello, I am Teacher Heather. I love my life to be as simple as possible. During the holidays, many teachers decorate their classroom to be more festive. Well, I am not very good at decorating. I am terrible at it. I also want to keep things as cheaply as possible. This is my solution to not having the gift of decor and not a lot of extra cash to spend.

Well if you cannot tell from the picture the first things I used was wrapping paper I had left over from the previous year. I would have liked it to be a little less busy looking but it was paper I already had. This is the beautiful part. You can go pick out a cheap paper that will looks great. Like snowmen, snowflakes, Santa’s, whatever your heart desires in a background.

I put up my tiny name sign that I love because it is Dino. You can use whatever name sign you already have. No need to make another special one. Your wall is covered with Christmas. Lastly, I took a piece of green construction paper and cut out a tree. Extremely simple right! You could also cut out snowflakes to hang freely or tape to your background.

I know some of you may be thinking. “Wow, this is kind of lazy.” Well for me it is perfect. It did not take me hours to do. I did not have to think too hard about where to put things, and it looks like Christmas. If you value simplicity and saving money, this background is perfect.

Keep life simple,


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