VIPKid Easy and Cheap Halloween Background

Hello ESL Teachers,

It is Halloween season and I love it. Everything gets all spooky and fun. I love telling my students about Halloween. They will show me their cute costumes and some even hide and pop out to scare me when I open my camera.

I love decorating my background. I usually look for simple and cheap ways with things I already have on hand or from the Dollar store.

I already had my map up. That is my usual background (I travel a lot so I keep it simple with a foldable map and sticky tack).

What I bought:

  • The fake web in a bag for $1
  • The Small Gel Pumpkin Clings for $1.54
  • The Tombstone Chalk Board for $1.

I used some thumb tacks that I had around the house to put it up on the wall. If you are worried about poking holes use command hooks. They stick up on the wall and can be removed when you are finished.

I used some chalk I had to write “Teacher Heather πŸ‘»” on the Tombstone Chalk Board.

This was my simple and cheap way to add a little spooky to my background. It’s nothing fancy but I am a minimalist. Comment your ideas of other cheap and easy backgrounds.

Teach on,

The VIPKid Yoga Teacher – Heather

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